Rapid Quality Control Test Kits


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International Customers

LSB Products is an established international supplier of Soy-Chek, Oat- Chek, Wheat-Chek, Rice-Chek and Pro-Chek for upwards of 25 years.

Bug & Fog-Chek

Tools for the professional integrated Pest Manager. Fog chek cards may also be used for bedbug fumigation.

Bug Bullet Kits

Unlike many other termite species, drywood termites do not need contact with the soil to survive; as their name suggests they live merely in dry wood.

Oat-Chek I

A quick test kit used to solve the hydrolytic rancidity part of oat-product shelf-life stability problem.

Oat-Chek II

Another quick test kit used to solve the oxidative rancidity part of oat-product shelf-life stability.

Rice-Chek I

Rapid test to evaluate “cook quality” right at the point of sampling in the mill and without any specialized laboratory equipment.

Rice-Chek II

A second part of the shelf life and product stability equation for cooked rice products is peroxidase.


An easy to use test kit to monitor urease activity in roasted and extruded soybean products.


WHEAT-CHEK a rapid test to determine cook quality without the use of special laboratory equipment.


PRO-CHEK is a simple mini-test kit to measure By-Pass Protein (Undegradable Intake Protein, UIP) in roasted full-fat oilseed meals.

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