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Clearly a major concern of oat millers and processors using oat products is shelf life and stability. Several enzymes — primarily lipases, lipoxidases and peroxidases — are involved in both hydrolytic and oxidative rancidity. Thermal inactivation of these enzymes is accomplished by kilning or otherwise heating the oats, groats or milled product.

Because throughput in modern oat mills is so rapid and the demands for quality products at very competitive prices is so great, there are no margins for error. Rapid tests are needed to evaluate “cook quality” right at the point of sampling in the mill and without any specialized laboratory equipment.

OAT-CHEK I was developed to solve the hydrolytic rancidity part of this challenging stability problem. OAT-CHEK I takes approximately 10 minutes to determine lipase activity. When all the lipase enzymes are inactivated, oat products are light-colored, lightly flavored and have minimum hydrolytic rancidity potential. OAT-CHEK I can be made semi-quantitative if the sample is weighed (no balance included in the kit). Oat flavor changes according to time, temperature and moisture variables during processing and OAT-CHEK I can be used to monitor a particular desired “cook point” of minimum hydrolytic rancidity. Thus OAT-CHEK I can be used to establish in-house standards, quality assurance data and for sample comparisons.

We think you and your production and quality assurance staffs will be pleased with the ease and speed of OAT-CHEK I. The kit comes complete with a spot plate for the reaction, a small volumetric measure for mixing the reagents (no pH adjustments necessary), a spatula, reagents, and instructions. Each kit contains enough reagents for about 500 tests including controls.

Here at last is a cost effective test with a production orientation. Let OAT-CHEK I keep you on the competitive edge of rapid “cook quality” testing technology.

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